The History of Easter

“Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death, And shall deliver him to the Gentiles to mock, and to scourge, and to crucify him: and the third day he shall rise again” Matthew 20:18-19

The history of Easter is celebrated by most Christians for the death and resurrections of Jesus Christ. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Lent is a forty day period (excluding Sundays) before Easter which represents the time Jesus spent in the desert fasting, in prayer and refusing the temptations of Satan. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is the day people put ashes on their forehead. The ashes represent repentance. Lent concludes on Holy Saturday which is the day that Jesus was in the tomb and descended into Hell.

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